Monday, November 11, 2013

Why HiFi Kids is Great For Schools

Principals, school managers, and school administrators, this one is for you.

You’re stuck. You want to have high expectations of your educators and your students, but you have no money to do it with. You want to promote the use of technology in the classroom, but you don’t have the funding for much beyond the internet. Your teachers are working very hard and trying to complete the tasks at hand with greater demands on their time than ever before. How can you have these expectations and logistically master these tough spots?

Try HiFi Kids. HiFi Kids is a social educational network that is free and makes education fun for students and teachers.

Let’s be honest: plenty of products or websites make that claim, but is it really true? Will HiFi Kids really meet that expectation?

You would be surprised. While its main mission is to create a casual learning environment for kids, there are social networking components that allow kids to think that it’s not a boring, educational platform. At the same time they’re taking quizzes and studying for their courses, they can chat with friends and see whose birthday is coming up. Instead of being a social educational network that provides distractions, HiFi Kids makes learning fun by providing kids the ability to take photo quizzes or video quizzes. They can quiz their friends and they can take quizzes set up by their teachers. There’s no one way to learn, and HiFi Kids not only provides many ways to take quizzes and to study, but these are fun quizzes that take the formality and the stress out of studying or testing.

Teachers love HiFi Kids, too. Teachers can post quizzes and have students take the quizzes on the educational platform. When this happens, a teacher doesn’t have to spend hours after school grading: instead the computer grades for him or her, saving the teacher time for other educational activities. Better, the scores on HiFi Kids are easily compatible to any grading system. HiFi Kids doesn’t take away from quality instruction, but adds to it.

Here’s another way that HiFi Kids adds to quality instruction. Teachers can use HiFi Kids to create a quiz and to project the timed quiz onto the board through a computer projector or visual imaging system. When the students use their own response cards (Clickers) to complete the quiz, the statistics of the quiz are instantaneously updated on the teacher’s projection so that there is instant data on the class’s performance. The data is anonymous to protect the students’ identity, and the teacher has instant information to use in his or her instruction. With the best of both worlds, teachers find that using these quizzes allows them to see where the class is so that they can immediately address the weak areas for better testing in the future.

HiFi Kids is not a testing platform, nor is it a tutor. HiFi Kids is intended to be a kind of social networking that doesn’t currently exist. It makes connections between parents, students, and teachers, and allows you to study while you’re online through peers’ or teachers’ quizzes.

To date, there are 1436 members on HiFi Kids right now and that number is growing. It’s comprised of teachers and students who want to use HiFi Kids to meet their educational goals. By using HiFi Kids in your classrooms and with your teachers, you could find a spike in informational retention, in test performance, and in responsiveness. HiFi Kids could be exactly what you need to make this school year a great one for your district.

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