Monday, April 28, 2014

Writer Fail

It's the last week of school, my friends. Do you know what that means? You all are thinking finals, but this is creative writing, silly, tricks are for kids.

I'm having writer fail.

Fortunately, all of my freelance jobs have wrapped up this week, otherwise I would be saying really dumb things (not like "Tips on How to Wear a Classic Black Jumpsuit" is eloquent, per se).

Here is the list of things I've caught myself doing in the last week when I should have been writing:
-Google: What do Tina Fey's kids look like?
-test my cup of pens to make sure they all work
-Link: 16 Different Pictures of Underwater Aquariums
-Google: Are apples good for dogs?
-change the hardware on my desk while my Microsoft Word patiently blinks
-Link: Baby bump pictures of Mila Kunis
-reorganize the box of sticky notes by color

This is true, my friends. Does this mean that I am not a writer? Nope. This just means that I am a tired and honest writer.

What are some things that you've caught yourself doing instead of writing?

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  1. um....well, here I am reading your blog.....